The Lone Kayaker

Tonight we welcomed Rupert Kirkwood: ‘The Lone Kayaker’.
Thank you to our bakers, who supplied the lovely cakes to go with our hot drinks and biscuits and also our tea ladies in the kitchen.
It was lovely to see so many people, who thoroughly enjoyed Rupert’s jaunt around the Southwest coastline and estuaries.
His many experiences with our local wildlife was fascinating and we were surprised how much can be seen in and around Fowey, including Ospreys which is unusual.
He explained that using his kayak meant that as it was non-intrusive, with no engine noise, seals and dolphins would often come to investigate him and spend some time in his company.
We saw a great photo of ‘Nudger’ the seal pulling himself up onto the front of the kayak.
Rupert has travelled the world looking for whales, only to see his first whale (a Minky whale) here off Falmouth! He has also seen a Minky off Fowey, and then his best whale watch was the Humpback whale, 3 miles off-shore in Mounts Bay. A very rare sighting indeed.
To any kayak and photography enthusiasts out there he certainly is an inspiration.